Dating sites for dominent and submissives

28-Nov-2017 23:13

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Our members are part of an elite and prestigious group of married Dominants and submissives. sub Mrs™ is the world’s #1 rated married submissive online society.Once a member, you will discover support from other married submissive’s much like yourself.My experience started with reading the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey. As I snapped closed the last book, tears ran down my face. I was ready to rekindle what I was scared may have already been lost in my marriage. How could I have those taboo experiences I read about and be married? This was more then the relationship I had read about. So we began the website called Little and now my husband had started his site, perfectly named hus, the companion site just for Dominants.We then wrote blog posts, hosted live chats and started group forums along the way.Until that time please forward any specific questions to lk@

As is there a difference between someone following along and being submissive.If you are truly submissive in the bedroom then you do everything you are told when you are told to do it and for how long your master wants you to do it for.

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